Guide on team missions

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Guide on team missions

Post by Moneypenny » Sat Nov 26, 2005 12:45 am

I'm sure you are not interested in how many team missions I have done.
A lot. Because I leveled a lot, and died a lot, I thought I could share my experience here. (this is my froob account, I've been playing AO since the start... but even that does not mean I don't make mistakes anymore)

First of all, before you even think about joining a team, prepare yourself. Get the highest armor you can wear, get all the nano's you can use, and even more: blitz higher versions of all that. It is not necessary to update your armor every 5 levels, but better nano's can make a huge difference. Some professions can help you to use those higher nano's and you better have them at hand. Use Clicksaver to find what you need, is where to find it. (should go to the usefull links also on AOFroobs, but I'll try to do that later)

Be sure to have nano and health rechargers with you, as well as first aid kits AND enough ammo. There is no penalty in AO if you carry 7000 tons or only 1 kilo in your inventory, so buy a few thousand bullets to be sure you can shoot a lot.

You will get buffs from the other members of your team, the more NCU you have the more buffs you can get. Grad the highest belt and NCU's you can buy (or blitz, but they are rather rare as mission reward)

Next thing: know the use of your profession and even more important in teams, what are the other professions strong and weak points ?
You can (and should) check all of them at or at, I'll give an overview in the next topic (not sure how many words fit in one topic so better make a few instead of 1 long that can't be uploaded at the end :lol: )
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Post by Moneypenny » Sat Nov 26, 2005 1:03 am

This prof is good at DD, direct damage, as well as healing. Not as good as a doc, but if you can't find a doc then adventurers are needed. They have a few shield, dangerous as these reflect damage to the mob and that can break calms. More about that later. Very usefull is the AC buffs they have: is the lowest one.
Don't be surprised if all of a sudden your team looks like ugly two-headed dogs or tigers, this is the reason:
The result of it is higher damage, and a strange way to run around...

Purely DD, but they can change in whatever the team needs. They have a line of False Professions so if you need a doc, they can become one. They have 1 big advantage, they can hide themself and do an aimed shot at the mobs. If you are the healer, always watch the agent as it is possible that the agent gets aggroed after such a shot. (if the mob survived it...)
And if you are an agent: never do an aimed shot to open a fight, wait untill the tank has started to beat something.

Burocrat (or Crats as most call them):
This profession has the help of a pet. No problem with that, everybody will recognise the crat pet, but this prof can also charm a mob. If you see that all of a sudden a mob is fighting with you instead of against you, this is because the crat took over the mind of the mob. If you use the TAB button to find the next mob, this charmed mob will not show up and you can't fight it anymore, so no big problem. But a crat can also calm a mob. You see this because the mob stops fighting and there is a yellow glow around it. Don't hit this mob or the calm will break. Other nice crat thing if you want to level faster: this line gives +3, +6 or +9% XP:

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Post by Moneypenny » Sat Nov 26, 2005 1:20 am

They heal. Enough said. If you die, don't blame the doc. He or she is busy healing an other member, or he/she has lag problems or the phone rings, be prepared to use your own first aid. And every team member can use a first aid kit on an other member in case of emergency!

This is the tank of the team. He (or it in case of an Atrox) picks the target, and hits it on the head. He/it (not many female enforcers around) keeps the aggro of the mob, this means the mob won't start to hit on weaker team members. If the tank dies, the team usually dies. The enforcer has a line of nano's that give more healt during a long time, essences. is the lowest, the higher the better of course. If a mob starts beating on the doc, this is what an enforcer uses: mongo !!!
It helps to keep aggro, but if the enforcer does use it, every mob in the area will notice him and will attack even from the next room. They have a line of shield and absorbing nano's, the lowest of the adsorbing being

Engineers (or Engies):
This prof has a pet also. Don't count on pets to keep aggro as a pet is not good at that. The engy will be able to cast a few AC buffing nano's on every member, get enough NCU to be able to get them. Shields start with this one:, AC's with Carefull, the reflect line breaks calms and snares. Engies can buff the team damage, but only if everyone has spare NCU's. If your engy is high enough, this nano can warp someone who died back to the engy:

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Post by Moneypenny » Sat Nov 26, 2005 1:36 am

DD, speed and NCU for free. Plus a bit of healing also. First thing a fixer does if the team arrives at the mission, is cast this line of nano's to raise your NCU: YOu can get 2 lines of HOT's (Healin Over Time) from a fixer, a long one and a short one. is a long one, lasts 15 minutes. Be sure every member gets at least a long HOT. The shorter one is mostly needed to cast on the tank as he/she will need healing most of all. is the lowest short one, 3 min 20 sec. If you see someone completey blue, it is a fixer using Grid Armor. That fixer will not dye and can be the tank. If the team has ended the mission, the fixer will use a nano to get everybody in the grid, if the team is in trouble, the fixer can get everybody out in 2 seconds also. If you see a mob running in slow motion, the fixer has snared the mob.

This none froob is pure DD, (direct damage). The keeper has a few shields and a HOT. If the team needs NOT, Nano Over Time, because the doc needs nano all the time, tell this to the keeper as it is only possible to cast or a HOT, or a NOT, not both at the same time. If you can't find an enforcer, a soldier, an advy or a GA fixer, the keeper can be the tank also.

Martial Artist (or MA's):
DD and heal. They hit hard, they do a lot of crits, and they can heal if there is no doc around. They have a line of AC buffs, being the lowest. If there is agent or a trader in the team, they will ask to get a better crit, gives +2%, the highest gives +7%.

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Post by Moneypenny » Sat Nov 26, 2005 1:53 am

Meta-physicist (MP's):
The last of the pet classes. They do damage but the pet does most of it. The heal pet is not a doc, more like a HOT. It is a bad idea to keep the heal pet moveing from one member to the other, better stick it to the tank. If the MP has a third pet, that is a confuse pet. This pet should only be used to calm adds. The reason is that this pet wipes out the target list of the mob. So whoever hits the mob after that, gets attacked. Very much asked is the nano buffing line the MP's have. Teachings give +25 to all your nano capabilities, masteries +50, infuses +90 and finaly the mochams +140. If you are a froob you will need a lot of NCU to have them, there is a Composite line also that uses less NCU but not useable on froobs. The MP can reduce the nano consuption, so every member that uses a lot of combat nano's will ask or better.

Pure DD. The NT can hurt very hard in a single blow (nuke), even an entire area, but gets aggored very easy because of that. Healers: watch the NT's health bar! If an NT gets in danger, he/she can root the mobs, and if needed even calm them. (remember the yellow glow ?) They can also reduce the nano cost, and

DD. Non froob. Only DD, nothing for the others.

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Post by Moneypenny » Sat Nov 26, 2005 2:23 am

Who whould have thought: DD. They are made to survive, raises health, gives more AC's. If a soldier is in trouble, this line of nano's is usefull: It will minimise damage for a short period. As always, the line of reflection nano's is not good to use in team missions, only use them in solo battles. 2 nano's are available for high level soldiers to heal, but they are self only. If there is no enforcer around, soldiers can be the tank.

If you need to equip a better weapon of nano, you'll know the trader can wrangle you. But in a team the trader can do a lot more. Every mob will do less damage with a trader aound. Rooting and calming is also very handy in dangerous areas, and if someone is in real trouble, a trader can even heal. Be aware that traders won't do this often and certainly when their own health bar is low, because if a trader heals, he/she gets less health himself. Same thing for AC's, if a trader gives something like this his AC's will drop drasticaly. If there is enough NCU for everyone, the team will do more damage with this:

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Post by hybridyak » Sat Nov 26, 2005 2:53 am

The team window is especially useful to have viewable as much of the time as possible. Its an easy way to spot who is getting aggro when they shouldn't and who needs healing or nano refreshing the most.

In combat its most useful to have the Team window, Minimap window, NCU window and Nano Programs window visible, and if you stack these in the rollup bar next to each other you can generally have all of them visible (or nearly visible) all of the time. Wear window, Friends window and others take less priority because you rarely need to actually use them in combat, especially since rings can be hot linked to the shortcut bar and used from there. You can rearrange windows in the rollup bar that are open by right clicking the name of the window which picks up the name as a tab, and left clicking it above or below other windows to move it.

Staying together as a team is very important. When the team splits it becomes much harder for a part of the team to stay alive when they are attacked, and especially with the casting of nanos by any of the professions but particularly Doctors, line of sight to other members to cast nanos can be important.
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Post by Moneypenny » Sat Nov 26, 2005 3:09 am

So, you know what every profession can do.

Before you start, be sure that you have at least 1 hour free to play. It usually takes some time to find a team, 15 min is no exception, going to the mission takes time and a team mission is at least 3x the size of a solo mission. And don't team if you had a bad day at school/work because team missions = stress.

A team should have a tank and a healer. The rest is less important. Does this mean that you won't survive without tank or doc? No, it will be a little harder, that is all, even with 6 nanotechs you can do and complete a mission. If everybody knows what to do, and you can live with the fact that some may dye, every combination can do the job.

Time to find a team. Hit the 'find team button' and make your choise, if you want you can also just tick the button to get listed yourself. Or go to a city to find people of your faction.

Found 5 others? Fine, now someone has to go to a team mission terminal, if you have a fixer in the team let him get the mission, you'll get better loot. For the mission sliders, mostly you don't want animals but people as mob, so set the slider to order. The rest is less important. Find people missions are easy to finish as you only have to get to the boss room and hit the tab key untill the mission is finished.

Now, lets go to the mission. If there is an adventurer it is possible to get sparrow flight, later on everybody will have a yalm so it is easier to get to the mission area. If you have a high fixer, you can use the fixer grid, but you'll be above lvl 100 before that and you'll know what to do by then. If somebody was not around when the mission was choosen, it is possible to update others so no need to be at the same place.

Once everyone is in the first room of the mission, buff up. Don't start buffing everybody with all of your nano's, listen to what people want and ask what you need. It is useless to buff your tank with shields if he has not enough NCU to mongo in case of emergency!

If you have a tank, he must get every heal nano/pet that there is available. The tank is the one to indicate the target. Even if you don't have an enforcer, someone has to play the tank roll. If the tank is ready, ask if everybody is ready. It means death if the tank runs to the mobs to find out he is alone, still, the mistake to start with some members still buffing is made frequently. So use the team chat! Talking about the chat, use as less channels as possible. If someone is asking for help and you miss the question because of battle spam or guild spam, you are guilthy.

If you are all r, go, and follow the tank. Make sure you hit the same mob the tank picked. Use a macro for this. See that you have 1 free place on your Y-bar, and type /macro Assist /assist. You'll get a little black square with Assist on it that you can put in the bar. Now click the tank, and the Assist button, and if the tank is fighting, the mob he is hitting will be the one you see as your taget also.

Healers should always look at the health bar of everybody in the team so keep that team window open. Everybody should have the mab open also, not to be able to find the way as only the tank has to do that, but to see if adds are around. These mobs have to be calmed if possible, but if you don't have a calmer roots and snares can make things easier.

From the first mob that you kill, you will see how long the mission will take. If you do a solo mission you only know after the 6th kill how many % of the mission is done, for team missions you'll get that message after the first kill. Don't be surprised to see that you have completed only 1% of the mission...

If you are all alive after the first kill, go on. If half of the team died, get out and take a lower mission. Most players leave if they dye too often...

Now it is time to loot the first dead mob. If the leader did not do something, you'll get the message that 'All members of the team can loot'. Mostly people want their part of the looting, so the leader of the team has to change the way the looting is done. This can be done using this message: /team loot aplha.
From that moment on, every member will be able to loot one after the other.

On your way to the elevator, you will see the same chests as you've seen in solo missions. The loot alpha does not apply to this, everyone can open a chest. Don't do this during a fight! It is possible that a rollerrat appears or a bomb explodes and that can cause death. Wait till after the fight to open chests. If you are quick enough, you can even loot the same chest as an other, just try to open it immediatly after you see that the chest is closing.

An other thing you'll encounter only in team missions, are traps. Don't stand on them, thats all... Do a 'search' to make them visible (you'll get a red flashing map if you approach a trap). You will encounter camera's also. If you attack those they spawn those purple balls (sentries). For every attack the camera spawns 1 or 2 of those. If you can take the damage of a huge amount of sentries, attack the camera with the full team, but if not, let the tank kill the camera and stay out of the way.
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Post by Gothicx » Sat Nov 26, 2005 3:13 am

Well hybridyak has cut in i might as well and go ahead too, even though i'm not sure Moneypenny finished :P

A few corrections/observations:

- "[adventurers] have a few shield, dangerous as these reflect damage to the mob and that can break calms." - not exactly true, as calmed mobs cannot attack and hence cannot receive damage from a damage shield (with the very rare exception of enforcers casting mongo outside fights, even if calmed); damage shields are somewhat dangerous for the only reason that it attracts more aggro (and from a longer distance). True, they can break snares and roots, and the breakable doc initiative debuffs. In the end it's a matter of personal preference - personally i think they're a waste of ncu :P

- "As always, the line of reflection nano's is not good to use in team missions, only use them in solo battles." - omg! Soldier reflect shields (and even engi ones) are some of the most useful buffs out there. Note that they are reflect and not damage shields - i.e. they reflect a part of the damage, hence minimizing the damage you take. Of course a mere 2-5% reflect isn't that useful, but from 10% onward (and finishing with the wonderful 30% of the RRFE, they are life-savers for team missions, and the reason is teams usually roll missions much higher than their level, so mobs can do quite a bit of damage - and almost one third of the damage is eliminated; again, calms don't break since mobs don't attack (an enforcer tank's mongo is much more likely to break calms), so the disadvantages are the breaking of snares, roots and breakable doc debuffs, and a somewhat bigger danger of aggroing adds. Of course it is up to everyone to decide if the disadvantages are worth it or not - personally i think they are, here's an example: a level 210-215 enforcer can (and will) hit me, a 177 MA, for around 1k damage hits (not all the time of course), and enforcers have large attack rating so my evades don't work as well on them, and of course i'll get aggro with my (insane) crits. So a ~1k hit becomes a 700ish hit with RRFE and a 750ish hit with a similar engi buff (and of course lower hits, like 500-700ish ones are also reduced accordingly). That makes it more than worth it to me, since my HP isn't great (opifex disadvantage) and even my absolute best heal rarely heals for more than 900 points. With a bit of careful pulling the chances of adds can go near zero, and the other disadvantages are almost non-existant - a doc doesn't need to cast a breakable debuff, roots and snares are useless etc.

- "a fixer using Grid Armor. That fixer will not die and can be the tank." - it's true that a grid armor fixer can tank well enough, but to say that he won't die is a bit exagerated :) Grid Armor makes the fixer almost invincible by raising his AddAllDef, but with blood-red mobs their attack rating is so high that they'll still be able to squeeze in a few hits - and the fixer does not have a lot of HP, since almost all of them are opifex :)

- "For every attack the camera spawns 1 or 2 [sentries]." - actually the camera spawns a sentry for each team member it "sees". When the camera is not under attack/did not detect anything, it's range and direction of "looking" appears on the map, and can be recognized easily as it's about double the range of turrets. After it's attacked, the camera's range is no longer visible and it behaves like any other mob of the same level - can see you from quite a distance. Sentries are usually easy to kill, but can be a pain: their level varies by a huge amount (you can easily get grey ones as well as blood-red ones in a mission of the same level as you), and while they don't deal insane damage (not even the toughest ones), they can stun from time to time for a few seconds and can have quite a bit of hp; also, they can sometimes "lock" themselves on the team member they first targeted and cannot be convinced to leave him alone, so if the doc/adv gets aggroed by one of them and he is low on nano, well... don't expect a lot of healing until you kill it :)

and sorry for cutting in, blame hybridyak as well as me :P
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Post by Moneypenny » Sat Nov 26, 2005 3:28 am

Once you have killed the first mob, the rest is always the same. Stay behind the tank, stay together, listen to what others ask and keep an eye on adds.

Go find the elevator, usually at the other end of where you have entered the floor. It is not necessary to kill every mob to get to 100%, there are more mobs then you'll need in there. Rats and cameras are not included to the 100% either, and you will get those in a team mission if you like it or not.

There are 3 elevators in a team mission, the last room you have to find is the boss room. The indicator of the boss room is a red turning circle, after you have seen that once you'll never forget it... :lol:

Before you enter this room, buff up. (usually you had to buff up already during the mission, but this is the final fight so stop and buff now. All of you). And check if you have room in your inventory, you'll get the token and an item if the keeper of the mission does what he has to do to end the mission and getting a token in the overflow window is not something you want when a boss and 3 adds are hitting you.

In the boss room there are a few mobs (depends on the amount of team members) and of course the boss. And the mission item. If you have a crat, it is possible to let him/her calm every mob inside that room, kill them one after the other. If you don't have a calmer or the calm doesn't stick, be sure to talk together what mob you take. Usually the boss is kept as the final target but you can also start with the boss if people want to leave, you have been playing together for quit some time now.

After the boss is dead, time to loot the boss. If you had the loot alpha on, only 1 can loot, but after a few minutes everybody els can loot. Be sure to look at the loot before you actually take it. Some things are nodrop, and if you don't need it or you are the wrong profession to use it, the rest of the team will not like that.

Usually everybody takes nano's for his profession only but if you can use a nano on an alt you can always ask to have it. Don't be greedy, but on the other hand I don't like it when loot is left behind. Selling useless stuff gives you at least the credits....
After that, all you have to do is thank everybody, add people you liked to your friend list, grid out or run out and grab an other team mission.

Good luck !

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Post by Moneypenny » Sat Nov 26, 2005 3:30 am

go ahead with the replies now, finished, been busy for 2 hours or so, time to give my keyboard a break.

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Post by ath0 » Sat Nov 26, 2005 5:14 am

Are you sure rats/fleas that spawn from chest traps don't count towards the token percentage? I remember that they do count, but it's been a while since I did a mission with a sided toon.

Also, the evac(uation) function of fixers seems to be not used/overlooked in my experience. If timed well, it's possible to pull someone out of death with a team evac. But the person who calls for evac (or the conditions for evac) should be decided at the beginning of the mission.
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Post by Gothicx » Sat Nov 26, 2005 5:20 am

And since this is such a broad subject (and i applaud Moneypenny for tackilng it) i have a few additions of my own.

Note: many of these things apply in particular to higher-level team missions, both compared to the levels of the team members and in general. While it may be relatively easy (and fast) to complete a full-hard (100%) team mission at level 20 without an excessively "uber" team, things DO change at higher levels.

Rolling missions

While it's true that 'full order' yields a higher chance of getting human mobs only, i have a set of settings that have very rarely failed me:

full bad + full order + full open + full myst + full head-on + full money.

This slider setting will yield human mobs 99.9 percent of the time, less mines/traps 50% of the time and less locked doors 90% of the time. Also even one single slider left on the middle position seems to introduce some 'randomness' in all others - not very sure on that, but with full order and full myst, the two settings most likely to get human mobs, you can still get mechanical and monster mobs quite often, and sometimes even in the same mission, and also more traps and more locked doors.

The location of the missions is equally important. Alwas have your world map (whichever you prefer) up when you roll missions, and try to get them all (if you roll more than one) in the same area. For lower levels, the choices are too many to list, find one you like and stick with it - it should be an area easily accessible either by whompa or by grid, such as close to or inside a city. Keep in mind that missions out in the wild (with cave entrances and such) will more than likely be labyrinthic and hard to navigate or even see anything in them, especially with Adv morphs, while missions with entrances in a city or outpost will be much straighter, and with wider corridors and higher ceilings :P

For mission higher than 110-120 (don't really know the exact figure), there is one holy location for all sides: the clan city of Home, in Broken Shores. It's a huge city with lots of buildings, so the chances of getting a mission there is higher anyway than in some outpost with three buildings :)

Also keep in mind that where you roll missions from is equally important - as the distance between the point of roll and the mission entrance varies with mission level; that's why you can roll level 10 missions in the same city and when you want to roll level 30 missions you often get them in the middle of nowhere. Prefered roll locations for Home (or Broken Shores, or BS) missions are Old Athen, Camelot and Newland (i think, obviously i'm not sure for other sides but clan) and can be rolled from these locations from around level 110 upwards (the mission level, not your level, and again, not very sure on the figure). You can move a bit closer if you want to start from lower levels, and i'm sure you can even roll level 50 missions in Home from the terminals near the Broken Shores whompa :P

Pulling mobs

Very important point, which was covered well by Moneypenny :)

The team should have one (and only one) puller. The team should wait (quietly :P) in a safe spot (room or corridor with as few doors as possible and no visible mobs), while the puller runs (or sneaks) ahead and tries to lure one (and only one) mob back. Pet professions should never act as pullers - either by themselves or using the pet.

Anyone can be the puller, although the recommended professions are fixer, agent, enforcer (not necessarily in that order). It's far more important to have some experience at it and some basic knowledge of the game's inner workings.

The most important point is to never use attacks or specials when pulling unless you are SURE that they won't attract unwanted attention and you feel comfortable with the possibility of tanking that mob for a while. All attacks draw attention from mobs in vicinity (all the more so if you or the target mob have damage/reflect shields) and most nanos are about as dangerous (calm/root ones too). The best way to pull is using vicinity pulling - that means approaching the mob little by little, while always checking if other mobs are also in line of sight, until the mob sees you and starts running towards you. Then you can back up all the way to the team, careful not to take a wrong turn or lag into another room. If you are not the team's tank, don't attack yet - the tank will have a harder job drawing attention.

When the puller starts backing up towards the team, he usually says something in team chat along the lines of "incoming" (or "inc"), or "adds" if the pull went bad, or something to warn of a particularly tough mob maybe. Or a warning for the team to back up towards the elevator in desperate situations :) Best way to do this is of course not by straight typing in the team chat, but by macros.
For instance, a macro used to alert the team and announce a successful pull would look something like this:

Code: Select all

/macro inc /t Incoming, 1 %t
(/t means team chat, so the result would be something like "Incoming, 1 Rookie Techrejecter" if the puller targeted the mob.
This way the puller can alert the team with a touch of a button (and i've know 'professional' pullers that had one entire shortcut bar filled with macros, for even the most improbable situations).

Pulls can go bad, and it's not necessarily always the puller's fault. Mobs can take an awkward path while chasing the puller, and when a pulled mob runs past a stationary mob chances are both will end up chasing the puller (and that's just one example). If it happens, manage the situation as best as you can, helping with heals, stims and everything else you have handy. Calming professions will try to calm adds, or a backup tank will try to tank the add/adds, or kite them while the team finishes them off one by one (if there's room in the mission :P). If all else fails and the team is in a bad shape, watch out for the leader, or puller, or tank, shouting 'back off' or something similar. Or shout something yourself. Either the tank will sacrifice himself to save the team and give them a chance to escape (yes, that kinda thing DOES happen, although docs are more famous for it) or he tries to escape along with anybody else, heading towards the closest elevator or the entrance - by the way now is NOT a good time to get lost, so always try to remember the approximate position of the last elevator and keep your map at hand.

Aggro management

So let's say the pull went well; after the tank attacks and lands one or two hits, all team members can attack, preferably in a specific order: damage dealers and pet professions first, and support/healing professions last so they have a lesser chance of getting aggro. If the tank is a good tank, he can usually keep aggro but there are plenty of situations where that is impossible.

First off, heals draw aggro. A lot of aggro. Team heals even moreso. And no wonder too. So docs are most prone to getting aggro, followed (sometimes closely) by adventurers and MAs. Of course the healing professions also have other methods of dealing damage (DoTs or direct damage) and that contributes too. If a tank loses aggro, he will (or should anyway) try his best to get it back, with tools specific to his profession - 'mongo' type nanos, aggresion enhancers, and of course as much damage as possible. If a doc gets aggro, he will probably not try to heal himself right on the spot, as that draws even more aggro - instead he might try to back up a bit or run a circle around the team.

Sitting down also causes quite a bit of aggro, since usually treatment labs and nano rechargers can recover quite a bit of hp/nano, and mobs know this, so they attack even before you have a chance to use them. Docs may need to sit down to recharge nano in long fights, so that makes them even more prone to attracting aggro.

Special attacks cause aggro, most of them according to the damage they do. Aimed Shot on the other hand causes a TON of aggro whether it did a huge amount of damage or not. Of course agents are the ones using Aimed Shot (AS) the most, so they're also prone to aggro (especially since they can perform it multiple times in a fight if they don't have aggro at that moment and they can conceal successfully). Agents also have a tool specific to their profession which attempts to direct aggro away from them and works only in a team and they may use it, but it usually doesn't do them any good since high level mobs can counter it quite easily.

Traders are also in danger of getting aggro for two reasons: their (bad-a** :P) debuffs and their weapons. Most traders use shotguns as weapons, and most shotguns have a low to moderate normal damage and an insane critical damage. While it's not THAT common for a trader to crit, it does happen, and when it happens the trader is usually left at the mercy of the mob, especially if it happens early in the fight and the tank didn't build up enough hate in the mob's hate list.

Assisting the team

While taking care you serve the team as best as you can, always keep an eye on everyone else's needs. If the tank's nano is running low, be sure to stim him if you can - as enforcers have very little nano energy, they run out of it often in long fights while attempting to maintain aggro. If they run low on hp, don't stim them with HP stims - chances are your contribution won't even be visible on his HP bar :) If the doc runs low on nano, stim him - while it might not be a huge contribution, it will at least provide one more quick heal for the team and will delay his need to sit down; also, the doc will be greatful if he has to spend even only one less nano recharger per mission - those things don't come very cheap, and docs usually use very high ql versions. If any of the squishy members of the team run low on hp or nano, stim them too after you check both the tank and the doc are doing ok.

Of course everyone should hit the same mob, and if pulling goes well you don't have to worry about that (except in mixed teams, where the mob might be the same side as you, so you need to click on it or ctrl-tab through some team-members until you target it :P). In the eventuality adds do show up, it's of course best to have a macro ready; here are some ways to enhance the basic /assist macro:

The most common one would be:

Code: Select all

/macro Asst /assist NameOfTank
(you only have to hit the macro key, not to target the tank first, so one less key stroke)

However, an even better one for some situations is:

Code: Select all

/macro Asst /assist NameOfPuller \n /assist NameOfTank
This is for the cases when the puller starts attacking the mob while he pulls it towards the team, most commonly without actually landing hits because he's running or he keeps out of line of sight of the mob. This macro attempts to get the fighting target of the puller first, in case the tank doesn't have line of sight yet; if the tank is already attacking a mob (same one or another one in case of adds) the target switches to the tank's target. The disadvantage would be one line of spam in one of your chat channels (system i think) if either the puller or the tank are not fighting (yet), reading "Target is not in a fight".

And of course, always listen to team chat. If the doc says something, do it. If the tank says something, do it. Usually the doc takes precedence because he almost always knows best if and how he can keep alive the entire team.

Boss room

It's common in boss rooms to go down if you get aggro and can't bear the damage, or the damage is too great even for the tank. The tank or doc will announce this usually, if they have time, but it's better to watch for their HP and nano in the team window - if they get extremely low extremely fast, be ready to push that button. That of course means that everybody should step away from the elevator button as soon as they go up, in case someone needs to go down in a hurry, especially morphed people and big enforcers.

If everybody goes down, the mobs in the boss room and the boss itself will regenerate HP (the boss a lot faster than the mobs), so stim/recharge up as soon as possible and be ready to go back up - always together with the rest of the team, unless you feel extremely over-confident, which you shouldn't.

Also, here's a tip: the first person to go up to the boss room has some time to prepare a few things, because none of the mobs will aggro right at first. This time can be extended if that person has a bit of concealment skill and doesn't move off the elevator. This can be a huge advantage, as the number of adds can be announced, and even their approximate positions, professions and "toughness". Also, if the positions don't look that good, that one person can hurry to another part of the room, back to the elevator and straight down - chances are at least one or two mobs will aggro him and follow across the room, then stay there when he goes down (of course a bit of runspeed is necessary). That way mobs' positions can be more favorable to the team. Keep in mind that the next members to go up will draw attention much faster (and even the same member after he goes up and down once). The mobs will reset positions and even their "attention span" after being left alone a while (a few minutes i guess).

Here's another tip: don't fall out of your chair if the team goes down for a break and the boss or a mob suddenly appears near you. Yep, it's true, higher level mobs learned to use elevators, and while it's not a frequent thing, it certainly was the surprise of a lifetime when it happened and i wasn't the least bit prepared for it :) Of course, that can turn to your advantage, as that one mob (or the boss) gets separated from the others and is a lot easier to kill, but it's one more reason why you should recharge HP and nano as fast as possible.

MIscellaneous stuff

Keep in mind that shortcut keys are your friends. Hit F1 to target yourself, hit F1 again to target your previous target. Hit F2 through F6 to target team members for that little heal or stim. Hit special attack shortcut keys instead of clicking icons if you want to do damage a few microseconds faster (B for brawl, O for aimed shot etc.). You can find all the shortcut keys in the options menu (after hitting F10 look for a second tab on that window).

Don't clutter up your inventory and shortcut bar with things you don't use or don't need often, or items that can be clicked for special stuff. My method is to have a backpack filled with all this stuff, resized to a vertical line (or horizontal if you prefer) that can hold my MA attacks, ToTW rings, lockpick, ToTW/IS items like Withered Flesh or Might of the Revenant if you don't have them equipped, the less-used Free Movement kits and Purge kits of all sorts, etc. Indeed, you need to right-click on these things instead of regular clicking like on the shorcut bar, and the backpack (i use the Book of Knowledge to tell it apart easily) does close every time you zone, but inventory space is precious :) If you do this you might also want to deactivate the Escape key closing backpacks, you can find that in the Options window.

Last of all, etiquette on looting. Besides not looting chests in fights (a VERY good point, as some chests might blow up and reduce the HP of everyone in the vicinity to less than half) and not picking up anything from the boss you don't really need or can use, sometimes two or more team members need the same item, or a rare and/or valuable item drops that everybody wants (a CRU is just the most common example). In these cases, a roll is needed. So what is a roll ?

A roll is a command given to a bot by which the bot choses a random number up to the maximum specified by the person that rolls. Each team member is assigned a number first, and the most common (and fair) way is to assign numbers in alphabetical order (this way nobody can cheat or complain). Of course some members might not want or need the item, so they're skipped. Then the person who rolls performs the roll, usually on a well-known bot such as Helpbot (again, to minimize risks of complaining, cheating or other suspicions); the helpbot command goes like this:
"/tell Helpbot roll 5"
Helpbot will reply something like:
"From 1 to 5 i rolled 3, to verify do /tell Helpbot verify 3251"

Also, the bot will not allow rolls performed by the same person in quick succession. The person that rolls needs to paste the entire line to team chat, so that all the members can verify that the result hasn't been tampered with; anyone can do:
"/tell Helpbot verify 3251"
and the reply will confirm the number and how long ago the roll was performed.

OMG that turned into quite the juggernaut post! O.o
Ah well, feel free to make additions/corrections!


- fleas/salamanders/rollerrats do indeed count toward mission percentage. Yup, cameras/sentries too. In fact, the only way you can kill something in a team mission and not get a percentage increase is to solo the mission and have same-sided mobs, i think. Or maybe the percent doesn't increase even if you're in a team and one of the team-mates is the same side as the mob killed? Can anyone confirm this?
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Post by Moneypenny » Sat Nov 26, 2005 5:44 am

"Are you sure rats/fleas that spawn from chest traps don't count towards the token percentage? I remember that they do count, but it's been a while since I did a mission with a sided toon. "

I did not say it clear it seems, they do count as kills, what I mean is that they are extra mobs, so if you do a mission (solo or team) with 10 mobs, each mob will give you 10%. If you encounter a rat or whatever, they do give 10% also, so you don't have to kill the 10 mobs to get to the 100%.

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Those mobs in chests and stuff is just free exp :P

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