[ RK1 - CLAN ] Vampiracy

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[ RK1 - CLAN ] Vampiracy

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"They double crossed us!" emitted a shout from across the dust coated crate. A stock pile of wooden crates, crude and rudimentary, lay strewn about in haphazard array. The containers were completely devoid of any substantial cargo and all that remained were recycled paper shavings used for packing materials for a bumpy ride. A detachment of Zigball players stands in full décor yet armed with the most cutting edge weaponry. In response to the excited utterance, a single solitus male leans forward slightly, letting the shadows cascade across intentionally pale features.

Mmm. So they did. Let’s get back to the game at hand before the other teams realize where we are. Move it out.” Came the ice cold retort. The silverback was hoisted upwards for better grip as he stepped away from the small crater that was lined with broken empty crates. A minor dust storm, commonly occurring throughout this region of the clan territory, swept in with barely any warning at all. The protective visors were set in place to shield the team from the harsh elements, venturing back towards the declared Zigball field of the day. The banner, a horned devil with gleaming shades of blue, adorned the teams name in bold font: The Notum Devils. This was merely the name of the team that engaged in Rubi’Kas most dangerous sport, Zigball. The predatory wretches whom play for this team belonged to a more covert organization which has some historical anomalies….

The Roompa Room at the Reets Retreat was in full swing as Gridstream Productions packed the house with countless dancers and party going zealots. Lurking in the madness, where the strobbing lights died in fierce crashing of the darkness, resided a squad commander of Vampiracy. Dual spheres of narrowed eyes locked onto one particular person within the mass of moving and grooving bodies. The longer he lurked, the more narrow those sunken eyes became, unwavering on the potential target at hand. By the time the Notum Devils retook the field to finish the Zigball game at hand; the double crossing whelp was taking her leave of the party, staggering through near-by suppression zones. Interior implants within the ear of the death-like lich resounded with the standing order: Send the target to reclaim. It was when the words were ringing in those shaded ears that the poised snake bent to strike upon the prey, with energized pin pointed blades blazing in a flurry of strikes, back to front and front to back. A clear message was being sent to those who dare con a con. A long lesson to be learned that begins with a single vicious mauling and a moderately painful reclaim. Alas, it was only the beginning………

The convoy that contained the stolen goods was being surrounded by mercenaries, off duty unicorn personnel, and various unknown individuals concealed under reflective faced helms. This was the delivery that was swindled from the swindlers in a recanting on a sealed deal with the Vampiracy. A stock pile of notum chips, rocks, and fragments were carelessly bouncing around within the poorly suspended hoverwagon. A solitary tiny figure, perhaps the approximate size of a leet, came speeding up towards the caravan of soldiers. A small device laid carefully in their forward path some mere thirty feet from where they took to pausing. The tiny creature, a leet indeed but much smaller than normal, took off in a flee as gunfire rang outward from the trigger happy greed brigade of defenders. A single word uttered aloud into concealed communication devices….


The inbound hostility took seconds to emerge as a hail of missiles from above came descending downward onto the beacon with laser pin point accuracy. The resulting explosions sent bodies hurling in all directions, the hoverwagon buckling under several points of impact, and the dust from the ground to spiral upwards on a mushroom shaped cloud of debris. The devastation that ensued only perpetuated the recovery of the notum as a mechanical robot on misaligned tank tracks came rolling forward, clamping large vice grips onto the front end of the tilted hoverwagon. It was immediately dragged backwards across the sandy terrain towards a small dune over the ridge. The strewn protectors were regaining their feet, training weapons on anything they could see within the haze of particles and dust. There simply was nothing in sight to blast anymore. Vampiracy had managed to take back their offered notum they agreed to smuggle, removing the evidence and regaining their profit, all in one fatal swoop. By the time the guard detail made their way to hump it over the ridge, the beacon warp had been completed and done for many minutes, leaving nothing but a dead end of tank tracks being blown away by torrential desert winds……..

In the back alley of newland, where a shop ends and the pitch of night begins, is where a lone hologram repeats a looping message. A pale vampire stands tall, trim, and taunt. Outlined in a wisp glow of pale blue, off-setting the already vampiric features of the would-be monster spun the energized hologram with geometric perfection. Feral incisors gleamed in wicked decadence as the imaginary spokesmen began to give verbiage…..

You think you’re cunning enough to join Vampiracy?.. I highly doubt it based on your stench but maybe if you let us have a little taste, we could know for sure. We’re not your friends, we’re not your pals, we’re not even your family. If you think you have what it takes, leave your application with the bar tender inside Fair Trade in Borealis. We’ll find you.”

Upon completion of the recorded message, the image fades away completely allowing only a few seconds to pass before it powers up to repeat the ‘friendly’ message again. These cheaply produced devices can be found all over Rubi’Ka and beyond, thriving on fusion batteries that allow it to run indefinitely should it remain undisturbed. The bottom of the devices hold a tiny inscription should anyone be so inclined to inspect one closely…. It merely says …..

~Omni-Tek and Neutrals need not apply~

Vampiracy is clan.


Description: \/ampire: One who lives by preying upon others. * Piracy: An act of robbery on the high seas. * Conspiracy: The act of conspiring together.

Objective: To dominate the markets and political flow through unethical means and actions. Vampiracy is an organization that knows no bounds when it comes to overall advancement of position.

History: }{idden within the carcass of skullduggery lies the obfuscated truth, buried under rotted bones of deceit. An ever shrewd disposition is the best one can hope for when inquiring as to the history of \/ampiracy. In the worst case, a prolonged watery grave awaits your peaked curiosity. -=[ notumdevils.freeforums.org - Roleplay org. All players have the highest level of honor in game terms ]=-

Owners of city in: Pleasant Meadows

[ Please visit http://notumdevils.freeforums.org" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; if interested in applying ]

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