After hours doctor...

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After hours doctor...

Post by WorldTrader » Tue Aug 11, 2009 4:41 am

I(BioCharge) was feeling a little goofy tonight and spot a small group of nice looking people chatting amongst themselves...
Sooti and Neobreaker at the tables overlooking Borealis-Newland whompa with Softi floating by them in a hoverchair.
I pull up my hoverchair beside Softi's

Biocharge: i do take Softi to be my lawfully wedded wife
Sooti: haha
Biocharge: i promise to take care of her well with my doctor's salary
Biocharge looks for remote control
Sooti: wish we had a big screen tv to watch
Neobreaker: ninjas one
Biocharge: the froobs get a big screen to watch all day
Sooti: heh true :)
Neobreaker: hehe yeps
Nanoprogram Phasefront: Westerlund Loungemaster terminated...
Biocharge: so Neobreaker...what seems to be the problem?
Biocharge: not enough stamina?
Biocharge: feeling tired after a long day of chatting?
Neobreaker: no shulder feals like its gona pop off
Biocharge: I've got a variety of orifice stims
Biocharge: you may want to consult an engineer about that loose bolt in your arm implant
Biocharge: i've seen some bad cases where it wasn't attended to...
Biocharge shakes head
Biocharge: it could mean the difference between life and permadeath
Neobreaker: doc desided i needed 2 x shots in me arm so he wackt a needel in it.
Neobreaker: and now it feals as if about to simply EXPLODE and blow my arm all the way to the moon
Biocharge: MALPRACTICE!!! I could put you in touch with a good bureacrat to mitigate the laws and your patient rights
Biocharge: for a tidy fee of 100m
Biocharge 's eyes sparkle
Biocharge shouts: hey hey watch where you point that thing!
Atroxaero: ohh lol sorry
Biocharge thinks apparently the 2 shots have paralyzed Neobreaker's speech nerve centers
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