Aliens, peace, and my thoughts.

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Aliens, peace, and my thoughts.

Post by Nymex » Tue Sep 16, 2008 7:59 pm

((speaking as Nodephreak))

It's not often I'm in the right spot at the right time, as far as fixer's and luck goes I think I got the short end of the stick. Doesn't help when you're bouncing in and out of cities and the wilderness all day long either. But I digress. Today I decided to take pause in the city of Borealis and dispense of things I had picked up along my travels. Lately I've been spending credits faster than earning it.. it was time to rebuild my bank account a bit. Again.. the mind of this fixer moves about as fast as it's body.. I digress.After making a delivery near the local specialized commerce terminal within the city, I strolled outside, and stood on the street for a little while, watching the people run by. Nothing out of the ordinary, your average people running about doing average things. But then, from down the street, came a group of three, dressed in costumes made to look like the Kyr'Ozch. Chanting about peace with the aliens. Now there's something you don't see everyday. Proclaiming themselves the "Alien Solidarity League" or some odd name like that. I decided to follow along, and ask questions.. which were quickly droned out by the shouts of people questioning why there should be peace, and wherever would they get their alien armor from. These people of the 'ASL' were stopped by the crowd just down the corner from the general store.

The leader, whose name I cannot recall for the life of me now.. 'For'-something.. proclaimed that we, the people of Rubi-Ka, were the original aggressors to the aliens, and it is in our nature to hate and kill that which is not like us. In particular he blamed Omni-Tek for firing the first shot.. I don't know whether or not this is true, as I've only been an employee of the corporation for roughly half a year and don't have proper access.. but I've heard little of this during my near every ten minute trips into the grid.. nor during my extended trips into the.. other grid.. to listen to the purest streams.

Anywho.. the leader of the 'ASL' occasionally shouted to the people in the streets his protest slogans, and quickly would turn his attention back to the crowd around him. The majority of the people on the street did not fathom how anyone could come to a mindset where peace was an option with the Kyr'Ozch.. I was one of them. I've seen those beasts do all sorts of things to my friends and fellow citizens.. I have difficulty believing they are at core a peaceful race and only attack us because we attack them. I've seen them slice their way through our cities in an attempt to reach the whompas to Jobe.. and thoughts have danced around in my head of what would happen if they were able to make it in there. I've seen them attack the un-armed, the new colonists, those weaker, and stronger, than them. Armed or unarmed.. it makes no difference. I asked many questions of the group, and most were not answered, but instead, replies of philosophical riddles were given in return. I asked for proof of their intents, some kind of knowledge or record that we fired first, that the Kyr'Ozch had no intent for battle, and was prompty met by air-filled words of little meaning. If we did not understand the ASL's belief, and were not open-minded to the option of peace, then we did not matter. They were spreading their word in hopes to find someone who would be naive enough to listen.. which gave me an idea.. let's see how deep this burrow goes.

I proclaimed that I could understand their reasoning, that perhaps there is a chance with peace with the Kyr'Ozch, no matter how distant or remote. The leader turned to me and spoke directly, suddenly recognizing me as someone who could understand. Perfect. They spoke to me as though a friend would. The crowd quickly droned us out, and the leader decided to escort his companions home.. I followed to the Jobe whompa, then my comm-unit lit off the hook for a little while ((real-life intervened)) so I became quickly buried in that and missed some of the conversation while I was discussing matters with someone half-way around the planet. When I snapped back to attention, the two followers had dispersed, as well as a good portion of the crowd, and the leader decided to head to Newland to the Miir shop to purchase some new clothes. I decided to follow along, playing the role of someone who actually had slight understanding of these people's viewpoint.

Eventually it was just myself, the ASL's leader, and a few shoppers in the Newland Miir shop. We spoke casually; I explained that without reason or proof it is hard to get a message across. He responded, telling me that it's just steps, now he's trying to find people to join their plight, later, when with greater numbers, proof will come out. I played along and I nodded understandingly, and after a few witty and intelligent remarks I had him commenting on my apparent wisdom. I could not help but notice Chaupin of Omni-Pol strolling in and looking like he was shopping. Of course he could have been actually shopping.. but his hasty departure after the ASL's leader and I left the store to walk to a more pleasant spot to sit made me suspect otherwise. I immediately wondered about this fellow, and if Omni-Pol was keeping tabs on him. I hope they are.. I suspect much more than peace-loving hippy attitude from this man. He did follow us for a short while as we walked to the benches near the radar dish, according to my local area scanners. Excellent work Omni-Pol if you are keeping eyes on this bloke.

We sat, and the ASL's leader was engaged in discussion with a local member of The Wolf Brigade. Every arguement we gave was immediately countered by some sort of remark that we are the aggressors. I informed him many times that while I hold a gun, it does not always mean I'm going to fire it, surely the Kyr'Ozch, if peaceful, can understand that and not attack just anyone as they do now. I also explained with false words that I could understand where his group was coming from, but without proof my mind could not be swayed. Again, proof will come he said. Eventually the leader seemed to get fed up with the man from WB's personal opinions and not wishing to open his mind (I cannot blame him!), and decided to depart. I wished him farewell, and he told me to keep my mind open to the possiblility of peace with the Kyr'Ozch. I again reiterated that without proof, my mind cannot be swayed from it's current thinking, and he smiled and left.

I'm never around when these big events and rallies and such happen, let alone spend close to an hour or so speaking with the leader of something like this. Right place, right time.. that doesn't happen much to me.

I did come away from our discussion with a few interesting points, and I'd like to say them here, as I have little elsewhere to reach a broad base of people. This "Alien Solidarity League" or whatever.. gives me a very bad vibe. Their leader is quite an effective speaker, but his constant turning to his philosophies of humanity and side-stepping the majority of questions on the matter seems inconsistent with an actual animal.. err... yes I suppose the Kyr'Ozch could be named as an animal.. rights group. Secondly, they blamed Omni-Tek multiple times for firing the first shot. Never did their leader offer me any proof of this, no grid-links, no people to speak with, not even a rogue node address that I might be able to access for more information. Nothing. This gives me a great impression that the group has some sort of reason to point the finger at Omni-Tek, whether that be personal or factional reasoning, I'm rather unsure of at this point. I got the general feeling of mental instability with their leader, but that could just be my natural tendency to put such people as this fellow in the same catagory.

All that said and done.. nothing has changed, at least to me. When the Kyr'Ozch descend upon the pristine beaches of my department's city to assault our city controller, stealing it's energies.. or when they beam down upon my home city of Borealis, (yes I may work for Omni-Tek but I much rather prefer the style of your average Borealis apartment, so it is where I live) I shall be there, standing, with guns in hand, to repel what I feel as a threat to the way of life of every man, woman, and child on the face of Rubi-Ka. Peace? Peace will come when they stop invading our world. Until then, I don't give a hoot what some alien-hugging hipsters think. My bullets are ready Kyr'Ozch...

Kevin Mitnick, Operating Handle "Nodephreak"

((I decided to write this here, as I am a froob of course, and today was the first day in a very long time where I actually got mixed into a role-playing event crafted by ARK. The above all did actually happen earlier today in Borealis and Newland in game, and it was really alot of fun I think for all that were involved. I hope to see continuing advancements in this story, as the same event happened on RK2 (Rimor) supposedly (A blurb about that can be found in the IRRK news section on the official forums). I hope you enjoyed the read, and please, feel free to discuss, in-character of course. :) ))
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Post by WorldTrader » Wed Oct 08, 2008 1:21 pm

I wonder how truly connected the ASL are with the true aliens. I'm diverting funds to investigate this group. If left unchecked, they could spiral out of control.

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Post by Stupidluigi » Wed Oct 08, 2008 4:31 pm

I have a bit of the same problem with the whole "wrong place, wrong time" thing. Like that time those giant robots appeared outside of Old Athen, I was stuck in ToTW at the time. But I agree with you, these guys seem like they're not meaning what they preach. Seriously, you would think they would at least answer SOME of the questions asked, but alas, it is said differently. I may look into it myself, but being a mere level 60, I probably won't be able to do much unless they are around my level. However, by what you have said, these guys could be trouble, or worst case scenario, they could be the death of us all :shock:

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