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Re: Need help? Contact the A-Team

Post by flyingengi » Thu Nov 27, 2008 6:54 pm

Look at all the little rookies running around :P

Learn to PC!!

And get better flamming guys suck at it :laughing3:
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Re: Need help? Contact the A-Team

Post by **Curath** » Fri Nov 28, 2008 12:55 am

Loyalclanner wrote:



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Re: Need help? Contact the A-Team

Post by Ratface » Fri Nov 28, 2008 1:22 am

LoyalClanner2 wrote:
**Curath** wrote:I dunno bout the rest of you guys, but this is what strikes me as most ironic, the events as they've unfolded;

1. clans attack & destroy Neut and Omni fields, playing Notum wars the way it's meant to be played;

2. Neuts side with Omni and religiously destroy nothing but clan fields;

3. Neuts, wave their epeen in various forums about their ubah base farming skillz.

:roll: :lol:
That's not very ironic. :P

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