The Otaku Chronicles1

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The Otaku Chronicles1

Post by OtaconPliskin » Sat Mar 04, 2006 10:58 pm

The cold dark setting of the abandoned subway echoes through the psyche of the party.
Up to this point, It was a pretty average run with a minimum of casualties..
The party, having tired of the average enemy encounter..decides to embark on a journey into the depths of this magnificent and terrifying place.
Like a virgin in a room full of pornography..This was a journey they were not ready for.
Thus begins..The Otaku Chronicles.

OtakuPliskin (Otaku)
Jane's sister

"Don't let the mobs get me!", The doctor..a blue haired woman who's way with her hands was only outweighed by her cheerful smile as she lagged behind.
The rest of the group was mildly quiet, only offering the occasional cheers and jeers and mindless babble.
"It's just a little further..where are the others?" Advent, the man who had lead our group of ragtag adventurers to such a deep height, was decked out in average gear, an orange haired man who carried a submachine gun with him at all times; He had spent the most time on Rubi-ka of the group.
"Meh..We have to wait for them" Otaku Pliskin, a short fellow with brown hair, he was wearing a dark black trenchcoat with a darkblack hood to match, he carried no weapons and relied solely on his fists.
Suddenly, A massive bug attacked the duo; Charging at Advent..
Advent, slowly raising his gun, pulls the small stubby trigger; bullets slid quickly out of the shaft, while shell casings fell to the floor like rain drops. Otaku, a cheerful jokester by nature; His complete facial expression changed from that of a smile, to nothingness. Completely focused in his martial arts, like a machine gun his punches flew in quick succession, pounding the hard shell of the creature.
Shortly after the fight began, the rest of the party had quickly arrived, joining into the fray as more enemies surrounded the team.
Richard, A cyborg looking man wearing a black cloak began firing upon the creatures while his robot companion gently nudged them, doing little actual damage.
Jane, A mysterious older woman wearing a red cloak with a matchin red hood used her bow staff to inflict damage upon the bugs of the sewer.
Jane's sister, a mysterious woman of very few words; Said nothing as she quickly slid her sword into the skin of the enemies.
The doc was healing the party, ensuring a supply of basic invulnerability.
The fray ensued continually through the deepest parts of the subway, battle after battle. A steady stream of bullet casings, blood, and bodies.
Otaku and Advent lead the group onward, killing; and killing; and killing.
They had come to a crossing, several connected bridges with no railings or guards..They had been battling monster after monster on these bridges.
"Kill them all and let god sort them out!" His fist connecting solidly with the face of a failed gene therapy experiment, the hideous monster enraged with his own existance mercilessly attempting to kill anything in its path, was defenseless against the pure power of Otaku's skills.
Suddenly, A scream is heard.
The doc, who had been the only reason the team had survived this long journey, had lost her balance. The team had turned around just in time to see the doc completely lose her she looked up at them, time seemed to slow down. Her life flashing before her eyes, she knew that soon would be her time....

Death in the future, it seems..Is nothing more than a minor inconvenience
Cloning had advanced far beyond it's years, ensuring that if neccesary; You could live forever.

.."Damnit! I've fallen off!" the doc communicates to the team via there radio.
Panic stricken and unsure what to do, Otaku and Advent step up to the plate.
"We've gotta help the doc, alright; everybody jump!" Otaku says to the team without hesitation.
He doesn't think about it, he doesn't need to..Someone was in danger, but this wasn't his only motive..The doc was the only way the team would survive in such a harsh environment; Noone else in the team was capable of delivering health at a rate that would keep them alive under any condition.
He jumped, without looking back..landing on the hard sand floor with a thud, his knees bending to the pressure of the fall, he puts his hand into the warm sand and quickly looks up.
As he stands, he hears another thud; Gunshots..and the roars of the beasts detecting there new meals. Knowing he cannot take on the majority of creatures in these depths alone, and unsure of just how many teammates followed him into an almost certain death; He quickly tries to dodge past any monsters in his way. The pillars that held the bridge above them were also the location of several abandoned office type areas.
These areas were small and didn't contain many things, but were suitable for living; If anything could survive down here without being brutally ripped apart, that is.
As he ran from building to building he finally spotted the doc, huddled in a corner trying to fend off two of the beasts.
Running to the docs aid, he quickly attacks one of the creatures, trying to take the pressure off the doc.
"Doc! Doc! Are you alright? Come on doc we can do this!" Otaku shouts at the dying doctor, who was slowly losing consciousness.
The doctor was carrying a standard pistol, but he wasn't a fighter; he was born to heal people and as such, He was very inexperienced and often missed his target.
"Doc! Doc!!!!!!!!!" Otaku's fist connected with the throat of a beast, nearly decapitating the monster, it falls to the ground; dead.
But he was too late, the moment Otaku turned around to go after the monster attacking the doctor, He heard an ear piercing scream..and then; Silence.
The doc, her body lying perfectly still in a pool of blood.
She was dead.
"Damnit" Otaku mumbled to himself, turning around he ran from the beast..he saw Advent running past the doorway and he chased after him
Otaku knew that something was wrong. "Wait, Advent!" Otaku could see the bloodtrail that Advent was leaving behind. Suddenly, a monster leaped from the right side of the narrow space and swiped at Advent, finishing him off as well. Otaku watched as Advent fell to his knees, blood gushing out of his body like a shaken can of soda. There was nothing he could do.
Unsure of the fate of the rest of the team, and with no clear way to get back up to the bridge. He had assumed the worse, without a doctor they were doomed to die.
He knew his time here was short, the monsters left alive were chasing him.
He was running with no clearcut route, this area was unknown to him.
The areas were relatively well lit, and with the light on his back; He could see clearly.
Given the inhabitants of this land, this was perhaps not a good thing.
Ignorance is bliss in most cases. The growls of upwards of 20 beasts rang from all sides. He jumped over the railing of a set of stairs into a stream of water that seemed to run through here, perhaps the subway had lead into the sewer system of borealis? He was unsure of his current location but positive he was in danger.
His footsteps rang throughout the area, every monster nearby knew that there was fresh meat to be had. A look of determination stayed on his face.
He did not panic.
Eventually though, luck always runs out.
Like an hourglass that had finished pouring. He hit a dead end.
A monster larger than any he had ever seen stood before him, and 30 monsters were closing in behind him.

He didn't have time to throw a single punch.
His vision faded, and he could hear himself fall to the ground.

Shortly after, there was a blinding white light; and he had awoken outside the subway in the busy city of borealis near the entrance.
He cracked his knuckles and immediately knew what had happened.
With a grin on his face, and quite a bit of loot in his pocket.
Although he had failed in the grand battle, he couldn't really complain.
He shouted to the sky "Semper Fi"
Semper Fidelis

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Post by Aeril » Sun Mar 05, 2006 3:16 pm

Great tale, very descriptive.
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