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In an effort to understand the Froob mind, set out on a mission to track down and speak to those "uber fr00bs" who have reached the pinnacle of froobness, Level 200.
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Interviews >> Enforais

Post by Esdian » Mon Jun 02, 2008 2:21 pm interviews Enforais, a Clan Enforcer.
--------------------------------------------- - When did you start playing Anarchy Online? Why?

Enforais - I started to play AO somewhere in Dec -04/Jan -05. A friend of mine had played AO before and said that it was an awesome game, and that it was free trial for a year, so we both tried it out, my friend left game though.

--------------------------------------------- - How did you choose your profession? If you started over, would you keep it?

Enforais - Well, I tried soldier first, but they sucked so hard, so I deleted him and started a Enforcer as I had been doing tank role before. If I would start over I would rather go Doc or Adv, since they have alot higher solo ability. But Enfo is definitely fun to play.

--------------------------------------------- - Why have you stayed froob for the full 200 levels? Will you ever upgrade? Explain.

Enforais – I've been staying froob for 200 lvls since I'm unable to upgrade, but if I had to choose, I would rather lvl to 200 as a froob then upgrade then doing it earlier. Lvling in RK goes alot slower then in SL, and while it goes slower, you learn more about your proffession. Well, I have been thinking of upgrading, but since I'm underage and don't have access to a Credit Card, it's hard to upgrade, but I'm most likely gonna upgrade later on.

--------------------------------------------- - How long did it take you to reach level 200? How often do you play?

Enforais - Took me about a year to reach 200 on Enforais, but that also includes 2 months of leaving the game. Nowadays I usually play every day, I should've reached 200 earlier but I'm too lazy to grind and get bored quite easily.

--------------------------------------------- - What was the slowest block of levels to go through?

Enforais - The hardest levels to go through is starting of TL4 lvls, when everybody is either doing incredibly boring Cyborgs or Ely Hecklers. Noone usually does RK mishes at those lvls.

--------------------------------------------- - Where are the best leveling places (that you want to reveal)?

Enforais - I'd say RK missions all the way, if you can get a team that is. Best exp and a chance of finding rare nanos and items.

--------------------------------------------- - What's the best way to start PvPing?

Enforais - I got intrested in PvP when I watched some PvP videos at the AO forums, I started to go to Tara raids and Tower Wars, it was fun when there was no lag... lag usually ruined it all though. Good way to start out is to ask some friend to duel some time.
--------------------------------------------- - How well do you stack up to an expansion player in PvP?

Enforais - Well it really depends on what proffession I'm up against, but if I'm against a opponent of same proffession and lvl I'll most likely lose, the difference in gear, perks and symbs is too great in higher lvls to be outdone by skill.

--------------------------------------------- - What items/equipment are a must have for froobs?

Enforais - The token board is a must in my opinion, get 1 000 Tokens as soon as possible, froobs don't really get perks or equipment that adds all that much to HP/Nano until much later in game. Not to mention Add Dmg, XP, and AAD/AAO. Best of all it's free!

--------------------------------------------- - What's the easiest way for a froob to make the big money?

Enforais - Well, the ways vary from person to person. You can get lucky from a dyna hunt, you can play the market and buy cheap and sell for more, you can blitz mishes for some rare items or animas and battle suits or you can do CRU mishes. I prefer the way of CRU mishes, easiest. Most cash for the work in my opinion.

--------------------------------------------- - What's next? Twink your 200 or work on alts?

Enforais - Right now I'm in process of raiding and buying stuff for my final equip on my 200 char, farming cash is a part of that. After this I'm most likely gonna lvl and twink my lowbie Adv.


Thanks to Enforais for taking the time out of his busy playing to answer these questions. Hopefully we can learn from his experience.

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