IP as a high-level adventurer

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IP as a high-level adventurer

Post by Zolion » Thu Jan 08, 2009 11:17 am

As all the nanoskills are dark blue (leaving BM aside) how do i spend my IP???

and how do i do it towards level 60 when thinking of getting chiroptera's/high level executioner

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Re: IP as a high-level adventurer

Post by Accomplice » Thu Jan 08, 2009 3:42 pm

lvl200 = you can max all abils, bodydev, nanopool, melee/nano init, 1he/fastatk/brawl/sneakatk/dimach/multimelee, all evades, NR, all nanoskills, CL, and still have 1-2mil spare IP.
At lvl60 max 1he, fast atk, maybe brawl and dimach. chirop will be very hard, and at lvl60 it will a) cost a fortune (speaking 40-100mil) to get a chirop equipped, and b) it's close to impossible to keep it out of OE selfed.

For regular pvm, just keep str/sta/agi/int high, bodydev and nano pool as well. Max 1he and fast atk, raise brawl, dimach and multimelee just to fit weapon reqs.
Try to focus on nano init and evade close, go some melee init too. Max Biomet, and raise matmet just enough to cast the best heal that your biomet allows.
Treatment should be maxed. SI/PM just enough to cast your best weap buffs and wolf.

Basically, focus on weapons, HP, heals and speed.
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