Anarchy in Linux? (H4lp P0lx!!11!)

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Anarchy in Linux? (H4lp P0lx!!11!)

Post by Slaskie » Sun Mar 01, 2009 10:45 pm

I have taken a recent respite from AO because I recently 'upgraded' my computer from Windows xp to Linux Ubuntu. However, from my past experience on this and the official forum, it seems that there is a way to run Anarchy Online inside of linux. I visited ... p?t=321249" onclick=";return false; but did not really understand it and the link to the software did not work. It also looked from the site that I would have to pay for the software, but again I am not sure. Is there anyone who is using / has used AO inside of linux that could help me with this?
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Re: Anarchy in Linux? (H4lp P0lx!!11!)

Post by twoshots » Sun Mar 01, 2009 11:16 pm

I'm in the middle of a crazy monday morning but....from memory you have two options: wine or Cedega.

Some wine links:

A Cedega one:

Cedega is a commercial piece of software for which you will have to get a subscription for at least three months (unless things have changed). I haven't read any terms and conditions but perhaps the software can stay on our PC after cancelling etc. :wink:

Enjoy Ubuntu, and have fun messing around. [Personally I'm more of a KDE rather than a Gnome fan (i.e. Kubuntu).] Let us know how the AO on Linux goes, it's a couple of years since I used Linux in anger.
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Re: Anarchy in Linux? (H4lp P0lx!!11!)

Post by Etheryal » Mon Mar 02, 2009 7:11 am

I have to say: I used wine for a few months...and amazingly enough...AO performed smoother on Linux w/ Wine, than when I was on Vista. My laptop is 4 yrs old now...and maybe forcing a vista upgrade onto it wasn't a good idea. I simply didn't have the memory to hold down vista...while running AO (right now...I have a 512 chip, and a 256 768mb in total). Dual logging was super painful. As it is...I didn't need to use any special configuration. AO worked via WINE straight out of the box. One thing to note that Wine makes it so that your video drivers are detected a little differently. I remember when I first used it...only 3 settings were available for graphics: "Primary Display Driver - RGB / Direct3d HAL / and Direct3d T&L HAL"

The fact that my card wasn't being detected...yet its "capabilities" were...(hence the TL HAL option showing)...I really dunno how it affected my gameplay...after all its the presence of the features that counts. I didn't see any real difference though. Later on...after switching to the manufacture's drivers for ubuntu, my card started showing up again, like it does normally in windows.

Bottom line: I think you'll enjoy AO via wine. Its pretty seemless and you won't notice any differences. One *bonus* i found to running AO in linux, was that my "doorlag" in inf mishes were completely gone! I couldn't believe it..and it was like a dream come true for a button-smashing-adv-that-likes-to-blitz-from-room-to-room.

One extra thing to note is that...I have a dual boot configuration. AO was already installed on my windows partition (with my windows OS). I merely browsed to my AO folder on that other partition (from within Ubuntu), and used wine to run the AO executable. To my knowledge: AO only cares about relative directory structure, and doesn't use the registry, or any windows specific its fine to move your AO folder around, and put it anywhere you long as the files within the AO folder are "correct" in respect to their relative paths to one another (for example, don't go moving your scripts folder around into your media cache folder or something silly like that). You can take the *entire AO* folder and move it (seems kinda pointless if its already working fine)...or just keep it where it is. For me...everything is on one harddrive, and as such...there would be no "noticable" performance boost from moving AO from one partition to another. The point is...where my AO folder is installed now (in my program files folder on my windows partition)....I can access and run AO from either Linux OR windows, and switch back and forth freely. I think you'll like WINE though.

EDIT: PS: Wine is free to use (and managed primarily via "contributions" of people writing in to say how certain programs are working on Linux, and any bugs they noticed), while Codega is a "commercial program" which you'd be paying for (as mentioned by the previous post).
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Re: Anarchy in Linux? (H4lp P0lx!!11!)

Post by Rigrig » Mon Mar 02, 2009 7:21 am

I've ran AO with wine for a while, usefull stuff I remember:
  • Funcom's patch program hasn't been working with wine for a while now, but older versions work fine:
    Download the old version (either search the official boards, or get it here)
    you can manually run it, but the way I did it:
    1. Copy the old patch program to ~/.wine/drive_c/<AO_folder>/
    2. Run anarchy online, it will say you need to patch, leave it open, but don't click 'patch' just yet
    3. In another window overwrite AnarchyPatcher.exe with a copy of AnarchyPatcher_old.exe
    4. Click the patch button
    5. When the patcher finishes, it restarts AO, which re-downloads the latest patcher. That is why you kept a copy of AnarchyPatcher_old.exe around
    6. If AO wants more patching: go to step 3
  • I remember having some trouble getting windowsize/fullscreen stuff to work, what seemed to work best for me was configuring wine to 'Emulate a virtual desktop' on the 'Graphics' tab, then run AO in full-screen mode. that way it would stay inside the wine window, so you still got to switch to other programs. Seems lots of people got it running without any problems at all though, so you probably don't need this
Apart from that it ran fine, although I never got clicksaver to work under wine :(

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Re: Anarchy in Linux? (H4lp P0lx!!11!)

Post by EDTA » Mon Mar 02, 2009 9:28 am

I also have dual boot and have installed wine under ubuntu. When I tried to run AO from windows partition it worked but something was terribly wrong: screen only seemed to refresh every 5 sec or something... Might be something with video-card, I don't know.. I just tried it once and since then I've always been using windows for AO.
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Re: Anarchy in Linux? (H4lp P0lx!!11!)

Post by Slaskie » Mon Mar 02, 2009 5:58 pm

I don't know why I didn't think of Wine! :D Thank you all for your responses, and hopefully I will have AO back up and running soon. Btw, twoshots, I have experienced KDE before *ehem* Backtrack.... I like gnome for the supremo eye candy, lol.
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Re: Anarchy in Linux? (H4lp P0lx!!11!)

Post by Tarradax » Tue Mar 03, 2009 12:16 am

Issue seems resolved so locking it and adding a bookmark to it in the Knowledgebase Bookmarks thread.
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