Show your level 25 twink!

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Show your level 25 twink!

Post by Saavick » Sun Jan 24, 2016 3:47 am

Several people on aofroobs have been making level 25 twinks recently, and many others may have existing ones.
I think it would be interesting to have a thread where people post their level 25's, to use as inspiration. Anything from equipment setups and screenshots to wild claims about things you killed would be welcome. :)

I'll go first: this is my level 25 enforcer, Enragedmeany:


And this is her equipment:

Please post yours! :)
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Re: Show your level 25 twink!

Post by Briandmg » Sun Jan 24, 2016 7:22 am

How did you get two Aban Fala's Bracer of Brute Force on? They're unique no :O

Unfortunately I don't have access to AO on this comp so I can neither post screenies nor full setups, but I can share my moar interesting twinks.

I have a L24 doc with 2 FFBs on him. The FFBs allow him to use martial arts attacks, so he can use things like Blessed with Thunder and Flower of Life (which is a good emergency self heal). His BM is pumped high enough to use the Holy Book of the Immortal too. Concealment is maxed to allow him to always get the first jump in PvP. Having a notum focus also helps in managing his nano pool. While his damage is subpar, he has a very long sustain potential. I've managed to use the Holy Book of the Immortal twice in a single duel against a L25 noobrod enforcer before (i.e. I survived 5 min against him :P). Probably not the best twink out there, but certainly more interesting than noobrod wielding cookie cutters.
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Re: Show your level 25 twink!

Post by Rain » Sun Jan 24, 2016 2:18 pm

Aban Fala's bracer are no longer unique.
Due to the pretty reasonable reqs to equip them, they can now improve any lowbie char instead of gathering dust on some bankchar." onclick=";return false;
Lvl 25 MP, Wasteprowler

Born both out of irritation of constantly losing Juggler's treat rings and a desire to use all temple implants, no matter the sideeffects for the character.
Uses FFBs like Briandmg's doc.
260 Nano resist self.
Can selfcast all masteries but MM.

Possible improvements:
- Nanoskill imbalance due to the temple implants. Removal of Nemetat's eye and Keeper's Vitality could balance out the petskills BM, MC and TS and allow selfcasting of higher ql pets. Faded piercing would benefit as well.
- Feet implant could swap the evade cluster for a Martial arts one for higher combined MA hits.
- R.Wrist implant could swap the runspeed cluster for Deflect to allow useage of a ql 55 Blessed with Thunder.

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Re: Show your level 25 twink!

Post by Lusto » Mon Jan 25, 2016 6:59 am

Level 25 Solitus Doctor, Lyrangitis" onclick=";return false;


Neutrino Flash doctor. I wanted to make a balanced doctor setup with ranged weapons. Neutrino Flash probably is not the best overall choice for damage, but it is good enough and does not contradict with healing much. It owns subway, performs nicely in totw and heals are affective against tougher mobs as well. Defense is based on max health and heals, healing is based on 250 BM and ql 30+ stims, old style nano rechargers and battle prepared nanorechargers maintain nano and finally damage is decent from neutrino flash.

Fiddle with the layout and implant qls more to get higher BM, MM and NanoC Init. Problem is to keep the Assault Riffle skill where it is to avoid gun going OE.
Farm Notum Focus, Holy Book of Immortal, missing TOTW Rings.
Try to come up with different items that buff BM and MM.
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