Profession Moderators/masters

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Re: Profession Moderators/masters

Post by Nedylene » Tue Dec 16, 2008 11:08 pm

Don't really see the need for it. The mods we have does a pretty good job and I would hate to see good sugestions be thrown away just because they don't agree with the one in charge of the profession.
Your answers is always colourd by your playstyle, and what is right for me, might not be right for another.
It's better to keep it as it is.
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Re: Profession Moderators/masters

Post by DocJones » Tue Dec 16, 2008 11:39 pm

Nedylene wrote:The mods we have does a pretty good job....
QFT, i dont think this thread is meant to criticize the work of our awesome Mods =D>
flyingengi wrote:Can I be the moron? #-o
YES. You can! :)
BigMx wrote:<<stuff>>
Exactly my opinion.
EDTA wrote:... or Jones ...
lolwut? We of KoK are proud to be gimps ;)
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Re: Profession Moderators/masters

Post by Tarradax » Wed Dec 17, 2008 12:47 am

DocJones wrote:/mod hat on
Tarra, Saavick and flyingengi: stop derailing. or lock. decide.
/mod hat off
(couldn't resist)
Don't tempt me. I've already expressed the desire to arrange an accident for this thread, involving a flight of stairs and a spike pit at the bottom, just in case.
flyingengi wrote:
Saavick wrote: The complaint was not about having too much work. The complaint was about one moron spamming the boards full with pointless posts.
Can I be the moron? #-o
Sorry, Saavick already has another candidate for the post and I support her choice fully.
BigMx wrote:I actually like the idea myself. The profession forums could use some tidying up and consolidating of most asked questions. In fact, I don't see why their haven't been a sticky of a faq for each profession yet. In the knowledgebase forum there are some nice stickies and there have been many post all over with good detailed information that should be stickied, but haven't been. Then the thread gets buried two pages back. later, a noob ask a question which was answered in that thread already and everyone jumps down his throat saying use search or scroll down to find the information you asked (by the way, all search features suck for any forum or game anywhere on the net in my's useless about 80% of the time). Some of use are nice enough to just post a link to the thread though....however, these things shouldn't be necessary as often as I've seen them here. Sure you'll always have this issue, but tidying up the profession forums, placing some stickied faqs, a guide or two or links to official forum guides/faqs would be a welcomed addition to the site by most I believe. Who wouldn't like to have that?
In case you've missed it, several of the professions DO in fact have guides... And those guides? Yeah. Sticky. You want to help new players so they won't ask the same repetitive questions over and over and over and OVER again? Make a Crat guide. Make a Doctor guide. Make a guide for any of the profs that don't have one - They can be as big and inclusive as Ye Olde Fixer Guide or just a simple "How to kite" with a few silly drawings that still get the job done perfectly well. I guarantee you that it will get stickied and everyone will thank you for putting on the time and effort into doing it. You don't need any special aid from the mod team to do it.
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Re: Profession Moderators/masters

Post by C++ This! » Wed Dec 17, 2008 1:26 am

I don't really see the point of something like this. The profession forums are dead--some of them have 2+ year old threads on the first page--and unless theres an invisible war against spambots I'm not aware of there isnt really enough to keep the handful of mods/admins we have busy, let alone 14+ additional moderators. Hell, with the posting rate what it is we could probably mod every active poster and not have enough for all professions.

Sounds like someone just wants to be a mod. :P

edit: What would be handy, however, is if we had a couple of designated liasons between aofroobs and the official AO forums, who post some of the more agreed-upon feedback and suggestions in a place where FC might actually read it. Sort of a Friday With Means type thing, but just a regular member posting on the AO forums.

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