Happy bday to me!

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Happy bday to me!

Post by etocynned » Sat Jan 29, 2011 5:19 pm

So i just noticed that i joined like one year 2 days ago!

Everybody SING!!!

Main- Likeve Lv150 Trox Enf RK1
Cantcatchme - lv 64 fixer
Grawg - lv 91 MP
Downsimba - lv 12 chair trox enf
Treenis - lv18 nt
Roflstawmp - lv 10 engy
Qwertina - lv 27 "nanorage" enf
Laundard - lv 60 totw ma
Tradewitmii - 25 trader
and Multiple alts incl. MA, Doc and Trader

...the path back to Paradise is lined with the bones of my enemies. Their screams soothe me during the long nights, when I dream of what I have lost. I laugh when I recall their writhing anguish, their groveling to please me, the hope that their suffering will be put to an end. But I feed from their anguish and the begging look in their eyes as they grovel at my feet, hoping for a cessation...
Ripped from item description of Abyssal Desecrator, but it sings in my ears.

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