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Post by Rockstatic » Wed Jun 11, 2008 3:58 pm

suffice the bugs and such, AO is still one of the best mmorpg's out there...

i know it's my favorite after all these years still...
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Post by Redalgo » Wed Jun 11, 2008 6:15 pm

I am pretty enthusiastic about the possibility of the graphics engine update. Though there are many people I know in-game who would have trouble coping with this change because of their older-end hardware, on the other hand I can't get many friends to play the game because they're so turned off by the visual aspects that they never stay long enough to appreciate the truly admirable features and complexities of the game. They see AO as a WoW-wannabe and are instead impressed by Age of Conan (which, ironically, none of their PCs' specs are good enough for).

Keep in mind that I have a great amount of respect for the game. AO is marvelous on many levels, and to me the quality of the game has little to do with that of the superficial eyecandy (though it helps).

That said, despite my PC is only about two years old, AO is only quasi-compatible with my graphics card. To play I must do so at the minimum settings. I crash to desktop very frequently if I don't, and even cranking the settings down still leaves me with blue screens of death whenever I spend more than 15 or so minutes in Borealis or Newland - or half an hour in a team RK mission, Foremans, Meetmedere, or Subways. Already troubleshooted this several times, to no effect. Other MMORPGs I've tried, and games demanding Dx9 simply perform better for me.

My hope for this update is mostly one of being able to enjoy the game as it is, the way it is meant to be. It will also draw in new people who otherwise view AO as a game in its later years of decline - a game which can't compete with new ones and doesn't have enough time left as it is to be worth investing time and money into. Taking AO into a newer engine will command respect from many skeptics - especially since there are precious few (decent) MMOPRGs out there with the option of froobishness.

Imao new content cannot change people's perception of the game anywhere nearly as well as this engine facelift, some weeding out of bugs, and a fresh PR blitz. Sure expansions and sequel games can be nice, but why hang the hat on that when what we've already got just needs a bit of polishing to shine again? Even as a froob I can say confidently that AO is teh l33t... even if my experience of it is confined to a low visual + compressed texture view of RK. If that is a commonly held view, imagine how much affection the game will garnish when it leaps forwards to modernize. ^^
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Post by Redtorpedo » Thu Jun 12, 2008 3:12 am

the new graphics drivers will make the game more appealing and might bring back old players or draw new players to the game who knows?
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Post by itninja » Thu Jun 12, 2008 6:24 am

I know of several that are looking forward to the new engine being implemented. It is long overdo for an overhaul and I will enjoy having my GPUs take some of the load off of my CPUs while playing.

I'm sure they'll try to accommodate the lower-end players as much as possible. That's why PC games have so many video options; from low settings and low resolutions to max settings at max resolutions.
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