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Operator error

Post by Bigtoad702 » Wed Aug 26, 2015 7:56 am

Hi all. Here's a mildly amusing n00b story because I nearly always end up solving self-created problems like this.

I recently started an agent (honestly just wanted an agility buffer to put higher imps on my other low level chars) on a fr00b account and leveled to 40ish by teaming with an advy alt on a separate fr00b account. The agent char /followed with the occasional alt-tab to help attack the team mission boss. All was well but XP gains were slowing down.

I got a bug up my posterior and figured I'd start doing daily missions to level alt characters rather than team missions - so I pulled the first which was kill 5 of each type of mob in Clondyke. I went to the grid and tried to exit at Clondyke.

I see "You must have 150 Computer Literacy to use this portal"

I had 149 Comp Lit. Crap.

Luckily I had just enough IP left over to bump CL the one point needed. I exit in Clondyke and start for the wasteprowlers. EVERYTHING sees me so hiding/aimed shot are out. I figure I'm still low level so I'll just go straightforward Rambo style.

Pop, 30. Pop, 25. Pop, 40. WTF? Also, ouch! I'm losing a lot of health...

Ohhhhhh wait... still using upgraded n00b rifle and all my newcomer's armor is level 23. Okay I'll just duck back into the grid and hit Omni trade shops for a cheap gun... except... To get INTO the grid from Clondyke

"You must have 151 Computer Literacy to use this portal".


Back in ICC after wasteprowler finishes me before I can finish him (btw, thank you FC for no longer removing the RECLAIM idea)

At least now I can get to Omni trade and start shopping. I start the rounds of Basic Shops and eventually find one I can equip that's near my Rifle/aimed shot skill and as you might have guessed...

You need 25 more credits to purchase this item.

Foul and filthy foulin' filth!

The day started out so well too... ahh well, time to solve these problems in a more direct fashion: I logged in my old piercing doc and hit the dynas. It didn't take long before I came across a Yamatuchy (sp?) that I could use, along with some credits and life got easier.

Moral of the story: An ounce of prevention... nah. Lesson learned? maybe... more like "If something can go wrong, it will." Murphy's Law alive and well in AO.

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Re: Operator error

Post by Rain » Thu Aug 27, 2015 12:30 am

Do not worry.
You could not have used the grid terminal under aggro and on top of that, this is a tricky mission anyways.
People start getting this mission way too early levelwise, so basically only twinked and pimped out characters have a chance to finish this one solo.

On the other hand (just to pull your leg), shame on you for getting killed by a wasteprowler.
You got killed by a melee-only mob while playing a ranged profession with root-nanos in the toolset!

Your gaming experience would no doubt improve if you don't just smash everything, but use your profession toolset.
My recommendation for your next try - Grab a nano to become a MP plus a MP-healpet (or blimey... even an attackpet!)
The pet will remain with you, even after your false profession nano runs out and you can even replentish its nanopool for a longer healing-experience with the health&nano recharger.
On top of that - if a fight gets ploin shaped, root your opponent and run away out of its range.
Give your healpet or your battle prepared kits or 1st aid stims time to heal you, while the melee-NPC glares at you stupefied from afar, then continue the fight.

Good hunting.
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