Kiting 20-100

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Kiting 20-100

Post by tehfr00by » Thu Aug 25, 2011 6:24 am

A lil history for those who are interested, I recently decided to go fr00b and cancel my main among my other expansion toons so I did a agent and leveled him to 43, blablablabla...

So, now I made a NT and wanted to try some kiting (now I have done this alot before but only on paid *heheh*)
I'm however looking for another NT to join me on this quest + his alts or hers, or anyone else for that matter who wants to join!

Got 3 spots in my team, can start whenever we make the mutual agreement and of course, it's free.
Those with his / her own NT at level 20 will be provided a spot before those who dont.

I have access to mochams / GSF and what not, /tell Suvvey Hi, I'm cool I want in!

*fr00bs only*
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Re: Kiting 20-100

Post by MadMusic » Thu Aug 25, 2011 11:45 am

just wondering when you might be starting this little adventure, and on what server. I don't know yet whether I'd be interested. i got a trader but that's lvl 30ish and my agent int the 50 range, so a date would be cool so i can make a potential adjustment.
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