How to Kite (Poorly drawn images included)

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How to Kite (Poorly drawn images included)

Post by MrCoffee » Sun Jan 13, 2008 8:30 pm

Alright, some people still dont understand how to kite, hopefully this will help explain.

First, find a group of mobs, social ones work best (ones that agro each other once you agro one).


Once you've done that, Proceede to pull said mobs, using a low dmg AoE nuke, or AoE blind. I like using the blind, because it means all the mobs will have the same HP when I start nuking, and die roughly at the same time.


At this point, you'll have a bunch of mobs agro'd on you, but they will be all spread out. What works for me is straifing to get the mobs closer together, tossing in another low dmg AOE Nuke / Blind to keep agro on the mobs


Once you get your kite together, try and target a mob in the middle of the group, that way you'll try and hit all the mobs in the kite. This is where having the map upgrade is VERY helpful, because you can see what you're tabbing, and can stop when you're on a mob in the middle.


Now that all your mobs are together, run in as tight of a circle around them as you can without getting hit, the tighter your circle, the more the mobs will stay together.


Keep nuking, and pick off the stragglers as they fall down on HP and start moving slwoer than the rest of the kite. If you did it right, you'll end up with this


Yay! Go you!

*edit* i'm tired and mispelled strafe. whoops.
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Post by BigMx » Sun Jan 13, 2008 9:28 pm

Hey, not a bad drawing because it convey's the message intended well enough (at least for me :) ).

Anyway, nice explanation. I always wondering exactly about NT kiting since there are so many people looking for kite teams on LFT window. This might make me log my level 25 NT whom I haven't played in two years, just to try this

Good post though, you have passed your knowledge on to at least one person here...

By the way, thx for providing the Doc buffs and implant service @ RBS....had to call on you a couple times last few days with a few different toons...LOL

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Post by hahnsoo » Mon Jan 14, 2008 9:04 am

No stick figures = phail! :D

I tend to use the first AoE nuke (Radiation Pulse) for the gathering phase. You may also have to change your tactics due to the type of mobs you are kiting, but the basic elements are still the same.
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Post by Weeping Willow » Mon Jan 14, 2008 9:27 am

AoE Blind on non-social mobs = fail :(
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Post by Randomchance » Mon Jan 14, 2008 2:20 pm

Nice pretty pictures!

As Weeping Willow said, aoe blinds only work when pulling social mobs. Thankfully most mobs are social (excluding mixed mob kites like SW mines), which is why i use the newb isle nuke, ice fletchette to pull with. That or i get lazy and start throwing around AOE nukes. Or AOE blinds. It doesnt really matter i guess as long as u have sufficient nano to finish em off.

The only thing to really avoid when kiting is to persist until ur eyes start to bleed. It is quite easy to get sick and stressed running in circles, a few short seconds away from a major fatality. Lag is the biggest killer for me. That said, its quite a rush to pwn groups of things "much higher than you" and jump up 1+ lvls.

The setup used to navigate is really up to personal preference. I tend to have my cam on 3rd lock, zoomed out 75% on a 30 deg down tilt. My chat windows are at the top though, and the quickbar at the bottom so it makes it a 2 click select and nuke operation. Sometimes though i just use the keyboard, F1, tab, nuke, run. Mix it up a little.

Maintain a tight grouping is the biggest challenge as a nt. AOE blinds help a lot. The AOE dot seems to help a bit too if there are other people around. Generally speaking the faster and tighter your circles the tighter the grouping. Most of that stuff is trial and error and work out what fits best.

Teammates leeching is always a little problem with agg splitting. In the air its best to just stay put out of range and watch the pretty light show. The safest option for teammates on the ground is to run around ahead of you in the SAME direction. Seems obvious i know..... :?

There are times when you dont want to kite or you are trained. Training is the best thing ever as it saves you having to go collect the mobs yourself. Otherwise you can always pull out ur mezz and run around spamming that until nothing moves. :wink:

One of the most fun kites i have been in was with dualing nt's. We had 3 fixers pull the entire eastern half of pw borgs to the 2 nts that would run together and do their thing. Crazy to see that many borgs at once in one place..

One thing to note is that all the AOE nukes dont have the same nuke radius. The largest one ive found is kel's, and one of the smaller ones is boil blood. Again, trial and error. One of the most useless nukes imho is tremmor as it has a VERY short range, even with range boosters cast.

Anyway, thats enough rambling. Good kiting to all.
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Post by Pumpkinguy » Sat Mar 08, 2008 3:58 am

Well, until I discovered kiting, as an NT I would just use normal nukes onmobs and my pistols and die half the time :(
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Post by zendadaist » Tue Mar 11, 2008 1:47 am

I did that with my NT too when I was new. I wondered how the profession was supposed to survive a fight when it's DPS with nuke and guns (and very bad IP spending by my noobly self :wink: ) was awful, and so was it's HP and defences. I only got a clue when I upgraded to fulle xpacs, got a cyberdeck on her (god knows how she'd survived to level 50ish), did a full IPR and figured out that if I could insta-cast, I could run away and they wouldn't be able to hit me...
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Re: How to Kite (Poorly drawn images included)

Post by GDB2222 » Sat Jan 24, 2009 10:06 am

Let me add my few pence worth of knowledge.

Look at Auno database for the AOE nanos." onclick=";return false;
Apart from checking that you can meet the reqs to cast it, each nano has two important stats, it's range and it's AOE range. For example, for Circle Scythe the range is 25m and the AOE range is 12m. A high AOE range is important.

Pour IP into comp lit, so that as soon as possible you can put on a 6 slot belt and a Nano Formula Recompiler. On the whole NTs are not short of IP, but if you have to make a choice between Nano C Init and CL, I would go for CL. Also, high CL= lots of space for outside buffs.

Some people swear by using the local map to see the mobs. Personally, I prefer just to zoom right out.

Med suit is good armour, with run speed boots, like Dancing King. Don't go mad about twinking, as the gear will be out of date an hour after you've twinked it on. I've seen some really gimpy NTs just being used for kiting and doing very nicely at it.

Implant for nano pool, MC, run speed, nano c-init, and max these as much as you can. Nanomage is good.
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Re: How to Kite (Poorly drawn images included)

Post by Tobias » Sat Feb 07, 2009 12:12 am


Demons in Perpetual Wasteland. They are around 120-140ish in level, so the health varies. I find that if you are cutting your circles tight enough (not so tight as to get hit of course) when you start to see mobs lagging behind that are almost dead, you can stop circling and run straight past them, so that the faster ones with more health left catch up to the slower ones, and all are in radius to be nuked again.

I think on this pull I had 43 demons. I leveled twice.

The spawn is in a tower field, but it is 200-300 so at the level you'd kite there not a problem if the gas is low, as you are not in range of the towers. The respawn is not so great, but decent.

Thought I'd share a screeny of a kite aftermath :)

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Re: How to Kite (Poorly drawn images included)

Post by Sheffsam » Sat Feb 07, 2009 1:39 pm

That canyon and area is one of the best froob kiting areas in RK, mob spawn is bugged, so there is never any shortage down in the canyon. Levelling 60-90 was the fastest stretch of my NTs career. It's a shame it's followed by the drama that occurs at PW borgs now.


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Re: How to Kite (Poorly drawn images included)

Post by Tarradax » Fri Feb 20, 2009 12:12 am

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